Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Class Post #1

I chose this class, The Wonderful World of the Hunger Games, for several reasons.

  • I love the Hunger Games Trilogy. 
  • I needed an SIS to fulfill my McDaniel Plan requirement, so why not do that in the coolest way possible? I will gladly sit and discuss the Hunger Games a few times a week; it hardly seems like work, and being with all Honors students is always a treat.
  • An Honors credit for discussing different aspects of the Hunger Games? Yes please. 
  • I had heard only good things about Dr. Esa, and was definitely into taking a class with him, which, without this class, I probably would not have gotten the chance to do, as I am a Political Science and Environmental Policy major. 
  • Effie Trinket.
What do I want to get out of this course?

  • Well, we talked about making jewelry, so I would like a piece of handmade jewelry by the end of the semester.
  • Also, learning archery came up (Esa, I will have a venti coffee for you tomorrow if that's what it takes for me to shoot a bow and arrow, just comment how you take it, haha)
  • More than that, though, looking at different aspects of the literature with different pieces of real life, history, religion, and more just seems like a lot of fun, and very interesting.
  • We have only had one class so far, and, even though I said I wanted to get away from Environmental Policy, I already know that I want my research paper to be on coal mining in Appalachia and in District 12. There are so many parallels there that I can't wait to examine.
  • Knowing that this is an Honors course, I expect the discussion to be on a higher level, with more critical and textual analysis, which I find enlightening and entertaining, especially when applied to something the entire class is truly interested in. 
Last question. Who is my favorite character and why?

Effie Trinket. No question. From the first moment she stepped onto the stage at the 74th Reaping, Effie stood out to me as a character, for reasons that go beyond her eccentric style (though that definitely plays a part. I wish I could pull off hot pink hair and matching eyelashes).
    At first, Effie was clearly an outcast, whether it phased her or not. So starkly different from the citizens of District 12, she represented the Capitol, and everything that Katniss and her peers hated, and maybe even envied on a certain level. However, as the books progress, Effie becomes so much more than the annoying, energetic Capitol representative thrust upon her tributes to shunt into the torture that is the Hunger Games. Over time, she becomes a part of District 12, supporting her tributes, growing with them, and crying with them when the Quarter Quell is announced.
    It is her transformation over the course of the books that really draws me to Effie as a character. I consider to be a very strong person, who really does want more for her tributes than death and killing. She wants them to win, in more than just the Hunger Games.