Sunday, February 9, 2014

Torture in the Hunger Games

     Torture is clearly very prevalent throughout The Hunger Games. The Games itself is its own form of torture, making the Districts pay for their uprising 74 years prior. Forcing two children from each District fight to the death while their families watch is cruel on multiple levels. Innocent kids are forced to become murderers, and their families and loved ones forced to watch their kids kill and be killed. I also find it crazy that the people in the Capitol have been brainwashed to find it all entertaining.
     The Capitol found other ways to torture the other Districts, as if a yearly fight to the death wasn't enough. Depriving the Districts of food and resources while the Capitol is able to take a pill to force them to throw up so as to continue eating is in no way fair to the members of the Districts. Districts live in depravity - most in District 12 live in fear of starvation every day - while the Capitol has more than enough is another form of torture, and another way for the Capitol to show its dominance. The Capitol also makes sure that he Districts don't get any of the resources they slave to make. The Capitol doesn't give the Districts anything extra. District 12 only gets the coal that they pay for, the rest is sent to the Capitol to fulfill its exuberant lifestyle. I think that is so wrong, and once again shows the vindictiveness of the Capitol and its government.
     Getting the years tributes ready for the Games comes with its own torture for the tributes. They get to live so lavishly after being plucked from their districts. They are treated to all sorts of rich food, technology, and any amenity you can think of. Then, a few days later, they are sent into an arena to kill each other. It's terrible how the Capitol shows them how fabulously they can live, and then how they can just as easily take it away.
     During the Games, there is nothing but torture for all but those in the Capitol. Again, family and loved ones of the tributes are forced to watch on is horror as they watch their children try to survive, and eventually, more than likely, die. The tributes themselves are obviously tortured. They have to try to survive in an unknown arena, with nothing given to them but what they are willing to kill for. Constantly watching their backs for another tribute, starving, suffering from dehydration. Then, eventually everyone ends up killing and eventually dying, leaving just one "victorious".
     But are they victorious? After the Games, the winner has to deal with the traumas met in the arena, like killing and starving, and knowing that they could be next at any point. PTSD is almost assured after leaving their arena. Then, they are forced to remember everything as they go on a Victory Tour, visiting the Districts of those they killed. And then, year after year, winners must mentor new tributes, many of whom will not become Victors themselves. The Capitol ensures that any winner will be tortured from the inside out for the rest of their lives.

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