Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dr. Rog and Leadership - extra reflection

     Dr. Casey spoke with us about leadership in class on Thursday, how he came into his leadership, how he handles the leadership, etc. He mentioned that, had he not become President of McDaniel, had he remained a professor, he would be equally satisfied. I thought this was interesting in regards to the Hunger Games.
     What if Katniss hadn't volunteered as tribute? What if she remained in District 12 and had never taken on the role of Mockingjay? Had she not been thrust into the leadership role she took on, would she, like Dr. Casey, have been happy?
     In some respects, I think she would have been much happier. She probably would have ended up with Gale, she would not have lost Prim, she wouldn't be battling depression and abuse. But, had she not become the Mockingjay, there would still be a Hunger Games, an oppressive government, 23 kids dying every year under President Snow, or another authoritarian "president." 
     Katniss' leadership role was not something she necessarily wanted. She did not plan on leading a revolution and overthrowing a government. However, when she needed to, she came into her role and commanded respect and attention. Her personality lent itself to her success, and I think that Dr. Casey shares that with Katniss. His charismatic personality (very different from Katniss', but providing the same result) allows him to be a successful leader on campus, in the community, and across the nation. 

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